Back on Track

We are a local fitness community offering hiking and nature connection events at Birtley and the Surrey Hills.

Our walks and events are open to everyone, you don’t have to be a fitness member of Back on Track. Here at Birtley we share a beautiful woodland space from where we organise events such as:

Country walk and Gong baths
Themed walks with seasonal refreshments around the fire
Country walks and Forest bathing

See our upcoming events here

When you join us, we don’t just take you on a walk. We combine best kept secrets, celebrating nature’s seasonal changes, and invite you to switch off and immerse yourself into your senses on your walk. We often have some gems of historical and local stories to share with you. We love a café and love finishing a walk here at Birtley to gather around the fire and amongst the trees for a seasonal warmer.

Simone is a North Downs Ambassador and knows her Surrey walking trails well. She passionately shares her love of the countryside and how the wood-wide web relates to us humans and our well-being.

Most walks are medium-paced walks with several stops to take in nature’s best views and insights. During your walk you may…

  • Walk a less trodden path to explore some local history
  • Receive some seasonal prompts and invitation to activate your senses
  • Pause to discover a unique wayside herb
  • Observe the journey of an acorn to become a 100-year-old oak tree
  • Get some insights why and how humans respond to the seasons
  • Get a glimpse into how nature and humans are all connected and not separate


Why not join our friendly group, connected through the love for nature and walking for well-being. Find a list of upcoming hikes below or for more details go to our EVENTS page.

Being a fan of the outdoors I have been searching for a local walking group to join. I live a short drive from the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty but I didn't know how to access it, never venturing away from the main tourist locations and beauty spots. I was delighted when my sister told me about ‘Back on Track’, a local hiking group in the Surrey Hills area. Joining the group was quick and easy. I was made very welcome and have enjoyed sunsets and night skies along hidden paths in woodlands, pretty villages, vineyards and farmland. Simone is passionate about people and nature and along the walk she draws our attention to the sights and sounds, the flora and fauna, and local stories, past and present. On the morning of a hike I have a big smile on my face and I cannot wait to pull on my hiking boots and go. I highly recommend this group to anyone wishing to discover picturesque walks and paths that showcase the Surrey Hills area.
Janette B. Weybridge