The halow project nurtures young people with learning disabilities to fulfil their potential through exceptional person-centred care

The halow project is a growing community-based charity, situated in Guildford, Surrey. We support young people, aged 16+, with a learning disability on their journey into adult life.

It all began with Harriet, Amber, Laura, Oliver and William. These young people each have a learning disability and together they were the inspiration for our charity, in fact their initials spell the name halow. Their families were concerned about the children’s prospects and that of other youngsters like them and so in 2006 the parents got together with the aim of nurturing young people with disabilities and guiding them towards fulfilled and happy lives. And so, the halow project was born.

From humble beginnings (one room and one person), halow has developed beyond all expectations. We now employ over 60 members of staff, with 30 Buddies and many volunteers.  We support over 190 young people in their quest to lead meaningful, independent lives.

We have become a significant organisation; seen as a specialist in our field, not only by young people and their parents but also by the local authority and the wider third sector.

halow’s purpose is to support young people with a learning disability on their journey into and through adult life. Overall halow aims to ensure that every person with a learning disability has the same life choices and chances as any other person.

halow offers a unique blend of activities, giving our young people the chance to enjoy an active social life, make new friends, find further education and employment training through our various initiatives like Building Futures, Social Activities, A Reason To Get Up and the halow Buddy Service.

"Dear Ruth and Lorraine, Thank you to you both for a fabulous day at Birtley Woodland Art Space. The children all had an amazing time learning crafts that they would not normally be able to do at school. The sweetest sight was them all leaving school with their willow fishes. I loved working outside and the nature walk with the Andy Goldsworthy sculpture making worked really well too. You have turned the area into such a wonderful creative space that was so relaxing….even with 60 children in it! I think they will remember this trip for many years to come. We have quite a few photos and will send over the ones that can be used on your SM pages asap. Thank you again from us all. A wonderful day in beautiful surroundings with glorious weather."
Olivia Harmer
Art Teacher