Roots for the Future

Francesca from Roots for the Future is offering guided forest bathing experiences at the Birtley Estate woodland.

Roots for the Future brings people together to plant trees near to where they live, learn, work and play. Their focus on children and young people envisages a future where people live more harmoniously with nature. Plantings take in schools, near playgrounds, in woodlands, on housing estates – anywhere they are invited to! They held their first ever planting workshop in Birtley Woodland on Earth Day in 2016. Since then, they have planted thousands of trees with hundreds of people across Surrey. They also run a community garden project in Godalming.

Roots for the Future CIC was founded by Francesca and Dan as an environmental social enterprise, offering communities practical ways to get involved in tackling the climate crisis. Over the last few years, they have additionally started to focus on the relationship between the health of the planet and human health. During the pandemic, when the lockdowns coincided with the tree planting seasons, they thought about ways they could be useful in the health emergency as well as the climate emergency. They started leading guided tree walks with elements of forest bathing in Godalming which led to Francesca becoming a certified forest bathing guide with the Forest Bathing Institute.

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Feedback from a participant of one of Francesca’s Forest Bathing sessions: “It was a beautiful and meaningful experience that I shall always remember and indeed treasure. You have helped me to be aware of things I did not know about and had never considered. It has enabled me to leave behind mundane matters, and can now see them in their rightful place. A very healing experience.”
Philip, September 2023